The governing body of Bethlehem United Church of Christ is the membership of the church. The vote of a majority of the members is considered the will of the church.

In order to conduct the business of the church, the congregation elects a pastor, a leadership council, ministry teams, committees, and a cemetery board.


The Leadership Council, comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three at-large members, is responsible to the governing body.

The Leadership Council shall, in consultation with the Pastor, engage in strategic planning for the future of the church and, in collaboration with the Ministry Teams, set the overall policy and direction of the church.



All ministry teams are composed of elected and non-elected members. The non-elected members are invited by each team to assist them in carrying out their ministry.


The Finance and Facilities Ministry Teams each have 3 elected members (one of whom is the chair). All other ministry teams have 1 elected member, who is the chair of the team.


The Finance Ministry Team is responsible for overseeing the church's monetary funds. This includes securing the funds necessary to support the church, encouraging donations, and assuring that funds are invested prudently. The Finance Ministry Team prepares an annual operating budget in consultation with the Leadership Council, ministry teams, the pastor and other ordained staff. The budget must be approved by the governing body.


The Facilities Ministry Team develops and implements plans to maintain, preserve and improve church properties. It coordinates the use, management, maintenance and repair of church facilities.


The Education Ministry Team works with designated staff to support adult and children's Christian education programs, including confirmation programs. It is also responsible for granting educational scholarships from designated funds.


The Worship Ministry Team works with the pastor and other ordained staff to support the spiritual life of the congregation through worship. It assists the pastor and other ordained staff with Holy Communion, baptisms, and other aspects of regular and special worship services, with the goal of making such worship experiences meaningful and fulfilling.


The Member Care Ministry Team encourages the involvement of new and continuing members in the life of the church. It reviews member attendance, connects with less active members, and supports members in need due to health and other reasons. It is responsible for ensuring that accurate records of membership, transfers, terminations, marriages, deaths, and baptisms are maintained.


The Welcome Ministry Team encourages a welcoming environment to prospective members in the community and within the church building. It develops and implements plans for membership growth and assimilation.


The Outreach Ministry Team identifies opportunities for and inspires involvement in demonstrating Christian love by supporting our neighbors. It coordinates with and supports other church groups with respect to their outreach activities.


The Fellowship Ministry Team develops and implements programs and activities to provide fellowship opportunities for the congregation. It fosters additional fellowship activities by serving as a resource for other groups and individuals who are planning activities and programs.


The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team works with designated staff to develop and implement regular programming and activities to empower and encourage fellowship, faith development, and leadership opportunities among youth in middle school, high school and other young adults. It coordinates with other ministry teams to involve and integrate younger people into the wider life and ministries of the church.



The Nominations Committee is a standing committee responsible for identifying eligible candidates to fill all open elected positions and presenting those candidates to the governing body at their annual meeting. It is composed of 1 elected member (the chair) and at least 2 other members.



The Bethlehem Cemetery Board is responsible for the administration and maintenance of Bethlehem Cemetery. It oversees the investment and use of cemetery funds. The Cemetery Board is composed of 6 elected members, who elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.